<h4><em>Steri UVee XL - 90 L Sanitization Device</h4></em>

Steri UVee XL - 90 L Sanitization Device

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Steri Uvee XL UV-C Disinfection system works on UV technology, to disinfect objects from harmful germs (bacteria, virus and dangerous pathogens). Steri Uvee Sanitization Box, disinfects 99.99% germs from the surfaces of objects, within minutes, providing quick disinfection.

UVC sterilization is an established scientific method for dry killing pathogens, viruses and bacteria.

Steri Uvee XL has 6, 15watt UV-C tubes, and total of 6 reflective surfaces which ensures 360 degree Sanitization. It is best suited to disinfect anything - from packed food to vegetables, mobile phones, gold ornaments, headphones, car keys, toys, currency notes, wallets, spectacles, etc.

The bigger size allows sanitization of commodities that are larger in size and allows to disinfect more items at the same time.
Steri Uvee XL generates UV-C rays in germicidal wavelength of 254 nm which is most effective in sanitization process. Our one Touch Sanitization/Sterilization solution allows you to set the timer as per your requirement so that the light source generates adequate UV germicidal irradiation to kill the bacteria and viruses.
Its 90 Litres Capacity helps accommodate different types of objects of daily use.

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